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Nurturing Excellence, On and off the Field

At VICI, we envision a world where every young athlete has access to the tools, guidance, and support they need. Our goal is for them to excel in their chosen sport, thrive academically, and grow personally. We are committed to dismantling the barriers that prevent elite athletic and academic achievement. VICI offers a pathway to success that is relationship-driven, personalized, and growth-focused.

Product/Service Summary

VICI distinguishes itself in the expanding youth sports development market with its unparalleled blend of expertise and personalized programming. Our team of Division 1 athletes and top-tier coaches deliver experience-based guidance, filling a critical gap left by generic training programs. As NIL policies evolve and the focus on athlete mental health intensifies, the demand for VICI's all-encompassing services is surging. We're tapping into a burgeoning need for specialized training that can pivot young athletes towards athletic scholarships and professional opportunities. VICI is driving innovation in the youth sports industry, not just keeping pace with market trends. We are setting new standards, redefining excellence in athletic and personal development for young sports enthusiasts.

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Launched In-Person Training.
(Startup Founded)

June, 2022


Added 2 Co-founders.

March, 2023


Partnered with NFL Trainer &

Pro Sports Psychologist.

May, 2023


Partnered with Sports Performance Physician.

July, 2023


Secured $25,000 in funding.

October, 2023


Averaged at 1 million viewers.

November, 2023


Launched The VICI Podcast

February, 2024


Launched Beta Online Program.

February, 2024


Expanded In-Person Training Package

(Strength, Speed, Recovery, etc)

March, 2024


Navigating the journey to collegiate athletics is increasingly complex, and as athletes ourselves, we’ve experienced these obstacles firsthand


  • Inadequate Training: Without access to personalized and expert coaching, athletes can't maximize their potential, leading to suboptimal performance and development.

  • Neglected Well-being: The critical aspects of mental health and academic support are often overlooked in traditional training programs, hindering athletes' overall success and well-being.

  • Complex Recruitment: The collegiate sports recruitment process is intricate and confusing, and without proper guidance, athletes can miss critical opportunities to advance their careers.


VICI bridges the gap between young athletes and their dreams with a comprehensive platform designed to elevate every aspect of their development. Our unique approach combines personalized mentorship, advanced training, and holistic support to ensure athletes are prepared for the challenges of collegiate athletics and beyond.


  • Personalized Mentorship: Athletes are matched with Division 1 mentors who share similar backgrounds, providing relatable guidance, goal setting, and progress tracking.

  • Custom Training Plans: Developed by a team of experts, including NFL coaches and sports psychologists, to address each athlete's unique needs and promote optimal development.

  • Holistic Support: Beyond physical training, we offer programs covering mental health, nutrition, academic success, and life skills, fostering well-rounded individuals.

Funding Goals

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How Can I get Involved?


Join us in shaping the future of athletics by donating to VICI. Your contributions will directly fund our mentorship programs, development of training materials, and scholarships for athletes. If you’re interested in contributing, please leave your email below and we will contact you to discuss how you can help. Every bit of support helps us empower the next generation of athletes.



Why Now?


VICI capitalizes on a youth sports market projected to hit $77.6 billion by 2026, propelled by a rising demand for specialized athletic development. Our platform's tailored mentorship and training directly align with the evolving NIL landscape and increasing focus on mental health in athletics. With over 7.9 million high school athletes in the U.S., yet only 7% moving to NCAA sports, VICI's services are crucial for those seeking a competitive edge. 


Who makes up the VICI Expert Team?


VICI's expert team is a collective of top-tier sports professionals, including NFL coaches, sports doctors, and certified sports psychologists. We also have strength and conditioning experts as well as Division 1 collegiate athletes from prominent universities like UNLV, UCLA, Princeton, and the University of Virginia. This ever-growing team works together to provide comprehensive mentorship and training that keeps expanding to incorporate the latest in sports development.


What Are the Costs Associated with VICI's Services?

VICI provides a subscription-based mentorship program at $250 per month, encompassing personalized mentorship, tailored training plans, and full access to our development resources. Committed to inclusivity, we intend on offering financial aid, scholarships, and promotions to make our services accessible to all athletes.


How Do You Ensure Training Programs Are Tailored to Each Athlete?


VICI prides itself on the personalization of our training programs. Each athlete undergoes an initial assessment covering their sports-specific skills, physical attributes, and personal goals. This is followed by continuous feedback sessions with their mentors and coaches, allowing us to refine their training plans regularly. We use advanced tracking and analysis to adjust routines, ensuring that every athlete's development is individualized, dynamic, and aligned with their evolving needs and aspirations.

Founding Team

Princeton Football '24 | Economics Major. Translating personal athletic challenges into strategic solutions, Nic founded VICI to streamline the path for young athletes.

Princeton T&F '24 | Operation Research & Financial Engineering Major. Nia combines her track prowess with analytical skills from her ORFE studies, enriching VICI with a focus on performance and academic excellence.

Princeton Football '26 | Anthropology Major. Marco's D1 football journey and anthropological insights fuels VICI's operations. Marco applies his academic learning to navigate and simplify the complex landscape of college athletics for VICI's clients.

Princeton Football '25 | Anthropology Major. Lance harnesses his deep understanding of athlete narratives to craft compelling campaigns that highlight the transformative impact of our services. His marketing expertise bring a unique depth to how VICI communicates its vision.

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