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Who Am I 

Hi, I’m Nic Sanker, a junior on the Princeton football team. I am super passionate about personal development and athletics, so this past spring I started a football training and recruiting business to help aspiring college football players from my hometown navigate their training and recruiting processes.

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My Story

      The reason that I started this business is because when I was in high school I didn’t receive much help at all from my family with training or recruiting. I come from a very large family that has their hands full all of the time and being the oldest, expected me to just “figure it out”. Moreover, I went to a small private school that could barely field a team, let alone try to get any form of extra training or recruiting advice. I was overwhelmed by the recruiting process and had essentially no guidance when it came to training or navigating the complexities of the recruiting process. I had to figure out how to get myself to the Princeton football camp my junior year while my parents and five younger siblings were in Germany visiting family (my mom’s from Germany). After my senior year I got to know a trainer that gave me a major discount to train with him and a couple of other athletes because he knew that I was paying out of pocket. He helped me transform my body, preparing it for the life of a division one football player and I will forever be grateful for what he did for me. I spend time with him whenever I come home and we have become good friends ever since. He’s helped many athletes in a similar manner even though he trains NFL and NBA athletes. He’s brought together a community of athletes who all want  to see each other succeed and whenever I go home and help the local athletes with as much training and recruiting advice as possible.

      My goal with this business has two parts. First, I want to simplify the recruiting and training process for aspiring athletes, who are navigating it themselves by breaking it up into simple daily tasks, and second, I want to bring together communities of athletes and trainers creating opportunities for mentorship, affordable training, and friendly competition.

      I believe that sports not only teach people invaluable life skills that carry over to all aspects of life, but that sports bring together local communities in a unique and special way. I also believe that the problem that most people face is not motivation, but clarity.

      I hope that VICI can be a platform that provides mentorship, community, and resources for ALL aspiring athletes in order to give everyone the opportunity that I have to pursue their passions while creating a more confident and inspired next generation.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my vision and hope that together we can find a way to make the world a better place.



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