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Membership Programs

Find one that works for you

  • Small Group Training

    Every month
    In-Person Small Group Training (1-4 Athletes Per Group)
    • 4 Small Group (1-4 Athletes) Training Sessions
  • Best Value!

    Basic Mentorship

    Every week
    Private Mentorship From D1 College Athletes
    • Weekly Private Online Sessions
    • D1 Athlete Mentor
    • Personalized Recruiting Plan
    • 24/7 Text Access
    • Film Review & Feedback
    • Football IQ Development
    • Coach Contacts
    • Highlight Creation
  • Mentorship+ Program

    Every week
    Private Mentorship & Professional Level Training
    • NFL Trainer Personalized Workout
    • Pro Sports Psychologist Guidance
    • Sports Nutritionist Guidance
    • D1 Athlete Mentor
    • Personalized Recruiting
    • 24 Hour Text Access
    • Football IQ Development
    • Film Review and Feedback
    • Coach Contacts
    • Highlight Creation
  • Basic Bundle Package

    Every week
    Online & In-Person Training
    • 1 Private Online Sessions
    • 1 In-Person Small Group Session
    • 24/7 Access To D1 Mentorship
  • Premium Bundle Package

    Every week
    The One Stop Shop To Go D1
    • Weekly In-Person Small Group Training Sessions
    • Weekly Private Online Training Sessions
    • Personalized Recruiting Gameplan
    • Biweekly Private Mental Performance Training Sessions
    • Personalized Mental Performance Program
    • Biweekly Private Health & Recovery Consultations
    • Personalized Nutrition Plan
    • Personalized Speed/Strength Program

Our Memberships

Choose the best fit for you


Football Training

VICI's in-person football training membership is currently available for all high-school and middle school athletes in the Charlottesville, VA area. Every Sunday, our events are taught by current D1 UVA football players, and include individual position training, competition, and IQ development. 


Mentorship Program

VICI's mentorship program is designed to empower high school athletes aspiring for college athletics. Through our initiative, these athletes are paired with Division 1 college athletes in their respective position groups. The program offers a comprehensive approach, with weekly meetings and 24/7 access to mentors via text, ensuring constant guidance and support. Mentees receive personalized attention focusing on recruiting strategies, skill enhancement, and athletic training. Every session is tailored to meet the specific needs of each athlete, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their athletic journey.


Football & Speed

The VICI Strength and Speed membership contains all benefits of the in-person football training package, as well as speed sessions every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm. These speed session will be run by NFL trainer Kenny Szabo and his trainers at Adapt. 



Our enhanced membership+ program offers everything included in our regular membership, with added access to industry experts for a comprehensive and unparalleled experience. In addition to being paired with Division 1 college mentors, members will now have exclusive access to top-tier professionals in the field. This includes NFL trainer Kenny Szabo, Pro Sports Psychologist Tyler McDaniel, and our sports medicine doctor Dr. Katz who specializes in nutrition. With this expanded network of expertise, our program ensures that athletes receive holistic guidance covering not only skill development and recruitment strategies but also mental resilience, physical conditioning, and nutritional support essential for peak performance. 

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