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About Us

Bridging the gap between those who have conquered their

dreams with those who are still dreaming

Our mission is to educate and empower aspiring athletes to live a lifestyle of peak mental and physical wellbeing through our personalized online and in-person training and workshop mentorship programs, equipping them to conquer their journey to college athletics and any of life’s obstacles they may encounter.

Our Story

VICI was created in devotion to serving athletes. We understand the difficulty that comes with finding the optimal approach to physical and mental training, college recruiting, and everything else that comes with being an athlete. We experienced these same obstacles ourselves and aspire to provide accessibility mentorship for our community of athletes.

Nicholas Sanker

Co-founder & CEO

Princeton Football '24 ︳Linebacker ︳Economics Major

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David Heath

Co-founder & CMO

Princeton Football '25 | Offensive Line ︳Psychology Major

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Nia Mosby

Co-founder & CTO

Princeton T&F '24 | Sprinter ︳ORFE Major

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Marco Scarano

Co-founder & COO

Princeton Football '26 | Linebacker ︳Anthropology LPE Major

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Lance Reaves-Hicks

Co-founder & CCO

Princeton Football '26 | Defensive Line ︳Anthropology Major

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VICI Athlete Network

See the community of athletes that you will gain access to!

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