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Who Am I

I’m Nia Mosby, a senior track athlete at Princeton University. The passion I hold for sports and the challenges I've faced throughout my educational journey have led me to proudly be a part of the VICI team—a company dedicated to empowering high school athletes and helping them unlock their full potential.

My Story

      Throughout my high school athletic journey, I put hours upon hours of dedication and hard work into my training. While my coaches provided me with general guidance, I needed something more—specialized training that could push me beyond my limits. I needed the fine-tuning of crucial elements like block training, endurance drills, speed workouts, resistance exercises, recovery techniques, and drills. These were the missing pieces, the key things that would elevate my performance and help me reach new heights. Unfortunately, these resources were not readily available to me, and I had no idea where to turn.

      To make matters more challenging, I attended a private all-girls school that wasn't known for its sports program. This lack of recognition made it even more daunting to navigate the college sports recruiting process. I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about how to showcase my talents and secure opportunities in the highly competitive world of collegiate athletics.

      It was during this time that I needed a company like VICI. VICI is dedicated to supporting high school athletes, ensuring they don't have to face the same obstacles I encountered. We understand the unique needs and dreams that drive young athletes, and we are committed to providing the knowledge, resources, and unwavering support necessary for you to excel in your chosen sport. Our personalized training programs are meticulously designed to address your specific needs, encompassing not only the refinement of technique, endurance, and speed, but also recognizing the critical roles that nutrition, mental strength, and recovery play in your overall performance.



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