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Who Am I 

My name is Marco Scarano, a rising Sophomore on the Princeton football team. My journey to D1 college football was a long and frustrating process; but also beautiful and life changing as I reflect on my experience. 

My Story

      My story started at Berlin High School, a small public school in central Connecticut, where I worked my way into the starting varsity lineup by the end of my freshman year. I spent the following summer working out more than I had in the past, as my coaches said I needed to gain weight and strength in order to produce for the team my sophomore year. My first year of commitment to football paid dividends as I became one of the only players in my high school’s history to go first team all state as a sophomore, while also leading the state in tackles, leading my team to the state championship.

      While many may think that accomplishing something of this magnitude so early in my career would surely lead to many scholarship offers and interest from college coaches, this was not my thought process. What I soon became to understand is that there were thousands of all state players around the country, and that there were hundreds of players at my caliber already. This humbling realization changed my outlook on football and led me to explore others options to maximize my development. With the help and encouragement from my family, I landed a scholarship to attend a prep school in Connecticut that offered great coaching and resources to get exposure to kids who weren’t in a recruiting hotbed of the country. My experience at prep school was the best decision of my life to this date, changing not only my football future, but also the future of the man I was going to be.

      My development took off as I began practicing and playing against top power 5 talent on my team and on the other side of the ball. I put together a solid year of film in the my repeat sophomore year, sparking the attention of dozens of D1 coaches. I was prepared to show that I deserved to be offered at camps that following summer, then COVID-19 hit. The barriers that COVID-19 brought to the recruitment process affected everyone. All camps and in person events were cancelled for over a year and any form of my football development went along with it as school and football season were cancelled. Due to my realization that specialized football, or any sport, training was nearly impossible to find on the internet or in person, I joined the VICI team. I aspire to use my knowledge and opportunities to provide kids with insufficient training, the opportunity to know exactly where they need to be to play college sports. I also want to use my knowledge of the recruiting process and how I went about it, even through COVID, to give kids the guidance they need.



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